Our Market Friends

This is Chippy . He is one of many Dogs that visits our Market.

 Yes, Dogs come to shop!

  It isn't just humans that find delicious goodies at the market.

We have Dog Treats from Vermont pup Foods, made from wholesome, nutritious ingredients, even wrapped and ready for gift giving. You can find a table covered with a large variety of treats.

They look delicious!

Bring your best Furry Friend and come sample the goodies at Vermont Pup Foods!
Check out their Website!  http://www.vtpupfoods.com/
We hope to see you at the market!


Breads, Cookies and Muffins, Oh My!

Farmers Markets are also home to Artisan crafted breads, bars, muffins and cookies. Yum! Here is where experimentation and craftsmanship meet to bring you breads, crafted from the very best ingredients; baked by the Farmers hands. Here are a few photos of last years yummy offerings. We hope you come join our Opening Day on May 13!

Come see what's been baked for 2011 on May 13!
 See you soon!


Springtime Comes!

The snow has begun to melt here in the Northeast Kingdom. Pieces of muddy ground start to appear and soon seeds will be planted, leaves will sprout and new plants will grow towards the sun. This is when I long for the baskets of good food found at Farmer's Market.

Here are a few photos from last year's Market, showing both orange and yellow carrots, a rainbow of chard, and tomatoes and potatoes in nearly every color.

Fresh vegetables inspire me to dig out my Grandmother's recipes and find her soup kettle.

 I can't wait for May for opening day at Farmer's Market.


The Essence of a Farmer's Market

A Farmers Market is eloquent and exquisite in its simplicity. It is the most elemental of market forms in existence today. It is the bare relationship where farmer, earth and consumer come together. It is old and romantic, surviving generations, centuries, economies and community styles. There is nowhere on earth that this basic and nurturing relationship does not exist, for without it, humankind would not exist. Here, at the Farmer’s table, there is no politics, there is no technology, there is only a quiet moment of nurturing yourself with good food from the earth, grown by the hands of the farmer who worked the earth to create this nurturing product for you. Here at the Farmer’s table, feed yourself, warm yourself or find art to nurture your home.
The Lyndon Farmer's Market is proud to bring Farmers and Customers together.  Look for Our Sign on the Town Green on Route 5 Lyndon,Vermont. Our website has further information regarding our Markets.
Be well and Eat Healthy and Deliciously!



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Stay tuned for updated information about what's happening at the upcoming Winter farmers' market.